The game-changer: Add this ONE THING to your New Years Resolutions

Happy 2016!!!

This is going to be your best year ever. I can feel it.

It's going to be my best year, too. I'm excited for us all!

What are your new years intentions?

ONE huge ritual that I recently started has been a game-changer for my body and health, and I truly believe it is the catalyst for several of the new businesses and projects I've been building - and the love that I'll be calling into my life this year. 

(I get all warm just thinking about that....)

Find out what that is HERE (it's #1) >>

Then, dive in even deeper to your evolution this year and read this right now:

Aquarian Alchemy: New Years Resolutions for the New Age featured on one of my favorite blogs, The Numinous!

From my beating heart to yours,

Fern Olivia

LA soul fam, see you soon. 
Thursday January 7th - Amplify Pop-up at One Roof Venice - 9-10am | RSVP
Saturday January 9th - Wisdom Circle: Chanting + Meditation in collaboration with Adriana Rizzolo - Will be an intimate gathering at my apartment in Venice - 2-4pm | RSVP

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This day, will you be graceful?

This is important.

What was the first thing you told yourself when you looked in the mirror this morning?

Pause for a moment. See yourself. 

Then ask, but rather tell -- "This day, will I be graceful?"  

This reminder, given to me by my teacher, Guru Jagat, has changed my life. 

Post it on your mirror as a reminder to yourself every day. Let today mark the first day of 40 days committed to this simple ritual. 

Why today? Today at 8:49pm PST marks the winter solstice. 

The winter solstice is a powerful awakening each year, to be approached in a sacred manner. 

This is a portal that we can step through consciously, if we choose to. 

Nature very often gives us a "heads up" before these portals occur - birds taking flight before a tornado or elephants running to high ground before a tsunami. 

Right now, in nature all around us, we are seeing change. The world is changing before our eyes. The seasons are changing. A sleepiness is overcoming the "rita" of growth and regeneration. We are moving into a time of stillness, sacred healing, reflection.

Why? So that we may take a look at what has gone on before, assess where we may find lessons and opportunities to do things differently - and how we can move in alignment with our body, breath, and conscious action into the next cycle, as the sun begins its ascent once again to the Summer Solstice. 

What does this all mean for us?

The great Shamans, Iroquois tribes, and mystics of many lineages honor this time for deep contemplation and meditation, as well as celebration. A pause before we get up once again to do all the million things that we think we must do - and move in a direction that we absolutely can choose - if we listen to that voice inside and honor it.

So, "This day, will I be graceful?

In your work, in your relationships, in your life, demand that you consciously flow with ease, receptivity, grace. 

On this soul-searching day of potentiality, I wish you luminous peace, harmony, and above all, so much love.

From my heart to yours,

Fern Olivia


NY, it's been lovely! Thank you to the radiant crew who filled the space with bountiful energy for our Chi Rave at ISHTA with my talented friends Aya & Tyler, and my superstar class at 75 Wall. So good to be back - thank you for your hospitality, sweet city tribe with all your abundant energy!

LA soul fam, See you soon!


Monday December 28th - Full Moon Bath at One Roof, Venice LA | RSVP
Tuesday December 29th - AMPLIFY | Effect meditation at Superba, Venice LA | RSVP



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May we have this dance?

When was the last time you danced....
completely uninhibited and free?

I began my moonbath series in Venice to bring together a tribe... to pray, to shine, to sing, to dance, to sweat. To feel the earth below our feet and celebrate mamma moon and her abundance. To elevate together.

Because I know that when we each raise our own vibration, we can shift consciousness on this planet. 

These moonbaths are always incredibly healing for everyone involved...
.....including me. 

This particular Friday, we brought our dance party to Ra Ma Institute, where I am pursuing my Immense Grace training with my teacher, Guru Jagat. This space feels so sacred to me -- this is a space where my soul has spoken to me on many occasions -- and when I first visited here last spring, I felt drawn to immerse myself deeper into the Kundalini practice.

Dancing here on Friday was one of those out of body experiences I've been having the joy of feeling more and more frequently.... 

My feet began to move on their own. I no longer was conscious (or self-conscious) of my own body. I forgot about any insecurities of how I was moving (or all those times I was told I was a bad dancer who couldn't keep a beat....) 


My body was moving, as if by the grace of the teachers and gurus I felt in the space..... the deities on the mandala and sacred photos around the space. It was visceral. I was liberated from all thought. It was pure uninhibited movement. 

Is this familiar to you? It was new to me...and I want more of it. 

So I hope you join me in New York for my Homecoming this upcoming Saturday December 19 from 4:30-7:30pm at Ishta Yoga in NYC.


I will be joining two of my favorite soundhealers and dear friends, Aya & Tyler, for a special event that combines elements of Ecstatic Dance, Tai-Chi, and Qi-Gong. This three-hour experience also includes singing mantra and a creative movement yoga class influsing my lineages of vinyasa, Kundalini and Katonah Yoga. 

Glitter, body paint, and festive yoga wear is encouraged. 

Let's celebrate you, being unapologetically, courageously you. 


Fern Olivia



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My Thanksgiving wish for you

If I told you that you are brilliant, beautiful, wise, and capable of doing everything you've ever wanted to do, would you believe me?

Can you close your eyes for a moment and embody it? Can you feel it resonate deep within your cells? 

Or do you feel like you're not quite enough? Or worthy? 

You are, babe. 

I am truly thankful for you. Yes, you. Because you're here.

Thank you for inspiring me and for being so true to your self. For loving your self. It reminds me to do the same. 

The truth is, that when you truly love your self, you will be more radiant and that love will be felt by everyone around you. This I am certain.

The world needs your light. 

But you must first recognize that you are light. 

Are you grateful for your gifts? 

We all use the words "thankful" "grateful" and "blessed" - especially during Thanksgiving. 

But do we truly EMBODY these feelings? 

Well, ask yourself this:

Am I truly grateful for everything I have, rather than what I don't have? 
Do I accept myself exactly as I am, right now? 

What's the opposite of gratitude? 

Scarcity. It was something so common to me, for a very, very long time. This scarcity mindset kept me stuck in a job that was depleting me, a relationship where I wasn't being true to myself, and weight gain that wouldn't seem to budge no matter how healthy I ate or how active I was. 

Once I identified all my worst fears of being worthy enough of love and success, or of having it all and losing it, I was able to stop living in scarcity. And it's a journey I have to be conscious of every single day. {and it's not easy}

We live on a polarity planet and society is always telling us that we aren't {skinny, smart, or strong} enough, we need to buy this thing or that thing to be more beautiful or to be more worthy, but the truth is, we are enough. We don't have to believe in the fear that society is broadcasting. We need to show up and be majestic, radiant, brilliant. 

It's a journey I so deeply would love for you to COMMIT to, too.

This is my Thanksgiving wish for you.

To your most radiant YOU,

Fern Olivia

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Who's in? 

This is my story.

Let me tell you a little about how I found my way here. 

I am a rose quartz crystal, planted on this earth to awaken the consciousness of this planet, to heal, to empower, and to bring beauty and peace where there is immense suffering.

I was born in this incarnation to teach lessons of self-love, self-worth and self-respect. In their early marriage, my parents were hit by a drunk driver in a near-fatal car accident and did not intend on having a child. But after they were pulled out of that car by the jaws of life and airlifted to two separate hospitals, they both had conversations with God. They awoke from their comas and knew they needed to have a child. I chose them.

My dad was a kundalini yoga teacher back in the 70s and introduced dharma into every conversation. He had crystals all around the house. My mom always chanted mantras and they had a dog named Gobindah. I didn’t realize it at the time, but I was primed to live the life of a yogi. 

I found my own way to the practice of kundalini yoga in the last year, and it feels like home. It's like I know it, I remember it.

Yoga, meditation, mantra, self-care and introspection empowered me to find my voice. To find confidence and grace. To fully step into my power as a lightworker and a healer. In the process, at the cusp of my Saturn Return, I left a 6-year relationship with someone I deeply loved but couldn't evolve with, as I was unable to express myself or feel understood in my spiritual path. During that time, I left my career working in corporate finance because I felt inauthentic doing work that was not in alignment with my calling.

And then I moved.

Back in April 2015 I was teaching a retreat in California when a very clear voice - my soul, spirit, God, the Universe - spoke to me, "You are home. This is where you need to be." Five months later, I packed up my life in New York, my home for 29 years, and my chic apartment in the heart of NoHo, where I had launched a very successful pop-up rooftop yoga series collaborating with some of the most talented minds in yoga and healing - and moved out to Venice Beach.

I am now studying in the Immense Grace Women's Training with my teacher Guru Jagat in Venice, LA. I learn more about myself every day and fall deeper in love with my own beauty, build respect myself, and empower everyone around me to see themselves as radiant, luminous, infinite beings.

I am here to show you the beauty in yourself that you may have forgotten. I'm excited that you're here. I can't wait for you to finally find yourself liberated, your soul aligned with your spirit, and your fierce beauty expressed with grace.

I look forward to meeting you.