May we have this dance?

When was the last time you danced....
completely uninhibited and free?

I began my moonbath series in Venice to bring together a tribe... to pray, to shine, to sing, to dance, to sweat. To feel the earth below our feet and celebrate mamma moon and her abundance. To elevate together.

Because I know that when we each raise our own vibration, we can shift consciousness on this planet. 

These moonbaths are always incredibly healing for everyone involved...
.....including me. 

This particular Friday, we brought our dance party to Ra Ma Institute, where I am pursuing my Immense Grace training with my teacher, Guru Jagat. This space feels so sacred to me -- this is a space where my soul has spoken to me on many occasions -- and when I first visited here last spring, I felt drawn to immerse myself deeper into the Kundalini practice.

Dancing here on Friday was one of those out of body experiences I've been having the joy of feeling more and more frequently.... 

My feet began to move on their own. I no longer was conscious (or self-conscious) of my own body. I forgot about any insecurities of how I was moving (or all those times I was told I was a bad dancer who couldn't keep a beat....) 


My body was moving, as if by the grace of the teachers and gurus I felt in the space..... the deities on the mandala and sacred photos around the space. It was visceral. I was liberated from all thought. It was pure uninhibited movement. 

Is this familiar to you? It was new to me...and I want more of it. 

So I hope you join me in New York for my Homecoming this upcoming Saturday December 19 from 4:30-7:30pm at Ishta Yoga in NYC.


I will be joining two of my favorite soundhealers and dear friends, Aya & Tyler, for a special event that combines elements of Ecstatic Dance, Tai-Chi, and Qi-Gong. This three-hour experience also includes singing mantra and a creative movement yoga class influsing my lineages of vinyasa, Kundalini and Katonah Yoga. 

Glitter, body paint, and festive yoga wear is encouraged. 

Let's celebrate you, being unapologetically, courageously you. 


Fern Olivia



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Fern Langham