This day, will you be graceful?

This is important.

What was the first thing you told yourself when you looked in the mirror this morning?

Pause for a moment. See yourself. 

Then ask, but rather tell -- "This day, will I be graceful?"  

This reminder, given to me by my teacher, Guru Jagat, has changed my life. 

Post it on your mirror as a reminder to yourself every day. Let today mark the first day of 40 days committed to this simple ritual. 

Why today? Today at 8:49pm PST marks the winter solstice. 

The winter solstice is a powerful awakening each year, to be approached in a sacred manner. 

This is a portal that we can step through consciously, if we choose to. 

Nature very often gives us a "heads up" before these portals occur - birds taking flight before a tornado or elephants running to high ground before a tsunami. 

Right now, in nature all around us, we are seeing change. The world is changing before our eyes. The seasons are changing. A sleepiness is overcoming the "rita" of growth and regeneration. We are moving into a time of stillness, sacred healing, reflection.

Why? So that we may take a look at what has gone on before, assess where we may find lessons and opportunities to do things differently - and how we can move in alignment with our body, breath, and conscious action into the next cycle, as the sun begins its ascent once again to the Summer Solstice. 

What does this all mean for us?

The great Shamans, Iroquois tribes, and mystics of many lineages honor this time for deep contemplation and meditation, as well as celebration. A pause before we get up once again to do all the million things that we think we must do - and move in a direction that we absolutely can choose - if we listen to that voice inside and honor it.

So, "This day, will I be graceful?

In your work, in your relationships, in your life, demand that you consciously flow with ease, receptivity, grace. 

On this soul-searching day of potentiality, I wish you luminous peace, harmony, and above all, so much love.

From my heart to yours,

Fern Olivia


NY, it's been lovely! Thank you to the radiant crew who filled the space with bountiful energy for our Chi Rave at ISHTA with my talented friends Aya & Tyler, and my superstar class at 75 Wall. So good to be back - thank you for your hospitality, sweet city tribe with all your abundant energy!

LA soul fam, See you soon!


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Fern Langham