Find your radiance.

Are you ready?

Are you ready to elevate your consciousness? 

are you ready to align with your abundance?

Are you ready to receive your magnificence?

I think you are.

You deserve to be happy. 

You deserve to live a life of beauty and radiance.

Join me on this journey.


Fern specializes in several types of yoga including Kundalini, Vinyasa, Athletic, Katonah, Pre-natal, and Restorative. Through her blended, intuitive approach to healing, Fern has the ability to create customized yoga experiences that cater to the unique needs of her students.


Stay tuned! Fern Olivia is teaching The Class in March 2016 in Venice and Santa Monica!

Join Fern Olivia and Alicia Panetta for yoga, community and ritual at Venice Beach Moonbath Collective.


Through her famously calm and soothing voice, Fern guides her clients through meditation practices that quiet the mind, awaken the soul, ignite creativity, and strengthen inner radiance. Guided meditation is available via virtual and live sessions, one-on-ones or in groups.


Learn more about Amplify | Effect meditation classes in LA and how founders Fern Olivia and Heather Rees will design a personalized practice for you, your startup, business, or your cowork space.


Harnessing the power of reflection, dialogue and questions, Fern holds the space for her clients to see the world with new eyes and re-align themselves to their soul-stirring purpose. She moves clients to action and offers accountability as they build their dream life.


Learn more about Fern Olivia's unique 8-week group program with rockstar life coach Tina Paymaster, Dreams on Purpose, open for enrollment until January 29, 2016!


Yoga + Meditation + Coaching


Align your career and relationships

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 bring clarity and creativity to your work

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instantly energize yourself

Live a life of freedom 


Love stories

Fern is a gifted teacher who holds a very special place in my heart. Her intuitive wisdom helps her students heal themselves through movement, breath work, and spiritual practice.
— Elena Brower, Author of Art of Attention
Elena Brower
I’ve spent years exploring and practicing various types of meditation and within the first few minutes working with Fern, I felt like she was speaking so specifically to me and my current condition [hypothyroid] that it gave me goose bumps. I know it’s not a quick fix and that it will take time, but I can’t think of anyone else I would want to spend that time with accomplishing my goals than Fern.
— Ashley Sumner, Relationship Expert, Membership Advisor
Fern is magic! I have worked with Fern for the past 15 months and it has been a journey into personal freedom. She brought my focus and consciousness to a different physical and spiritual place, that which I had not been before. Her angelic voice and healing hands, coupled with the wealth of knowledge she has to share, undoubtedly signifies to me a true Master Healer and Expert. But what truly stands out in Fern is her innate kindness and passion to give - to give fully from her heart.
— Ssanyu Birigwa, Reiki Master, Narrative Medicine
Dana James Food Coach
Fern combines ancient wisdom of yogic and Ayurvedic practices with functional techniques to help restore and realign the energetic and biochemical mechanisms that restore mind and body function.

I highly recommend working with her if you would like to resolve your dependency on survival mode and embody beautiful harmony in your body again. Her work is a must for anyone who no longer wants to be held hostage by energy depletion and lethargy.
— Dana James, triple board certified nutritionist and the founder of Food Coach NYC
I lost about 10 pounds since the summer, I’m eating better and drinking MUCH less. Thank you for steering me onto a healthier path.
— Denise Provenza
After working with Fern, I now find that I have the courage to speak more freely, speak with truth and integrity and enjoy sharing my ideas with the world.
— Tracy Atkinson, Life Coach
The weekly sessions we do at Neue House have become the thing I most look forward to each week. I am thrilled to be one of her lucky clients!
— Ana Schecter, Photographer
Fern is one of those magical spirits who enters a room and melts your worries away. Her warmth, love and spirit are so calming and helpful that I leave every session feeling energized and positive.
— Emily Tuckman, Actress
Fern’s love and light inspire me to practice kundalini yoga daily. I’ve experienced huge changes - a more positive mind, financial abundance (finally!) and new depth of creativity. Fern, I’m eternally grateful for your presence!
— Lana Cencic, Singer {www.lanaismusic.com}
I started working with Fern last year, hoping to help manage stress at work. After just a few sessions, not only was I less stressed, I was more focused, creative, and all around more successful.
— Jessica Silvester, Senior Editor at NY Magazine
Fern was formerly a client of mine for healing her Hashimoto’s and adrenal fatigue and I have been so impressed by her knowledge and desire to integrate self-care beyond a very robust nutritional protocol. I now send all my clients to her to complement my functional nutrition plan with her unique healing method!
— Tiana Kraus, Therapeutic Chef and Founder of Three Leaves Foods
Fern is a one of those rare natural healers who has a gift for truly connecting with her clients intuitively and customizing a therapeutic program for them.If you are looking for a real holistic approach on healing your body, there isn’t anyone better than Fern Langham.
— Donnalynn Civello, Author, Speaker
I now go to Fern for private yoga and meditation sessions 3 times a week. I am hooked!
— Alaina K, Entrepreneur and new mamma

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Fern offers two unique packages to unlock your radiance. The Radiance Membership gives you access to exclusive yoga + meditation events and a monthly one-on-one, virtual chakra healing tune-up. The Premium Radiance Experience is a 4-hour intimate session designed for deep healing and powerful change.

Radiance Membership

The Radiance Membership: $140 Per month

The Radiance Membership is perfect for those looking for daily inspiration and support to live their most radiant lives. Join the Radiance Community and receive:

  • One personal Radiance Chakra Healing Session (virtual, Skype) per month ($199 value)
  • Full-size bottle of Radiance Alchemy ($50 value)
  • Daily recorded 5-minute guided meditation
  • Curated mantra playlist
  • Exclusive Access to Fern Olivia live + virtual events

Premium Experience

Premium Radiance experience: $595 

The Premium Radiance Experience is a 4-hour session for those who desire deep healing on an accelerated timeline*. Each Premium Radiance Experience includes four elements:

  • Element One: 30-minute deep dive to uncover your pain 
  • Element Two: Lifestyle Blueprint design session that outlines your purposeful path
  • Element Three: High energy, cathartic movement session to sculpt, shape and strengthen your body while releasing stagnant energy
  • Element Four: Deep coaching conversation and personalized meditation that will leave you feeling powerful, radiant and ready to take on the world

*Also ideal for brides, bridal parties, groups, couples, and expecting moms.

For those not located in Los Angeles, our Premium Radiance Experience is available virtually, globally via Skype.