I am a rose quartz crystal planted on this earth to awaken the consciousness of this planet, to heal, to empower, and to bring beauty and peace where there is immense suffering.

I was born in this incarnation to teach lessons of self-love, self-worth and self-respect. 

In their early marriage, my parents were hit in a near-fatal car accident and did not intend on having a child. But after they were pulled out by the jaws of life and airlifted to two separate hospitals, they each held conversations with God. They awoke from their comas and knew they needed to have a child. I chose them.


My dad was a kundalini yoga teacher in the 1970s and introduced dharma into every conversation. He had crystals all around the house. My mom always chanted mantras and they had a dog named Govindah. I didn’t realize it at the time, but I was primed to live the life of a yogi. 

Through my own healing journey from an autoimmune thyroid condition and adrenal burnout, I found my way to the practice of kundalini yoga, and it feels like home. It's like I know it, I remember it on a deep, cellular level.

Years of practicing yoga, meditation, mantra, self-care and introspection empowered me to find my voice. To find confidence and grace after years of not knowing or respecting who I truly was. To fully step into my power as a lightworker and a healer. 

After over 6 years working in finance, I left my corporate career because I felt inauthentic doing work that was not in alignment with my calling. I chose to believe in myself and my dharma as a spiritual teacher and social impact entrepreneur. I studied under some of the most brilliant minds in holistic health, functional medicine and yogic sciences to bring together what I have found to be the most impactful practices and technologies for accelerated healing and personal growth. 


I've poured my heart and soul into my passion and along the way have helped hundreds of women and men to live life to the fullest. 

In October 2015, I packed up my life in New York, my home for 29 years, and my chic apartment in the heart of NoHo, where I had launched a very successful pop-up rooftop yoga series collaborating with some of the most talented minds in yoga and healing, and moved to Los Angeles where I know I am meant to be. 

I have completed Immense Grace Kundalini Training with my teacher Guru Jagat at Ra Ma Institute for Applied Yogic Science and Technology in Venice. I learn more about myself every day and fall deeper in love with my own beauty, build respect for myself, and empower everyone around me to see themselves as radiant, luminous, infinite beings.

I am here to show you the beauty in yourself that you may have forgotten. To fearlessly trust yourself. 

I'm excited that you're here. I can't wait for you to finally find yourself liberated, your soul aligned with your spirit, and your fierce beauty expressed with grace.